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Diesel Generators

Our company provides power diesel generators which are dependable, clea and economical. We have a wide range of configurations with optional equipment and spare parts. Max Tech’s diesel generators are specifically designed, engineered and manufactured to drive in performance and response for our customers.

We make sure our generator sets are tried and tested before delivery at their maximum power range so that they are safe to use at all levels. All major components of the sets are tested individually before assembling them  and when complete, these packages come with the comprehensive service and support of dealers. With prompt delivery and constant support, we are entitled as a brand worth the trust and reliance of our customers.

Apart from quality products, we also make sure we provide all of it to our customers at competitive prices. In this price sensitive market and applications, we strive for a complete package that just cannot be missed.

Max TEch Diesel Engine Generators

MXD8000ME - 6000W Generator (Key & Hand Start)

MXD10000ME - 6500W Generator (Key & Hand Start)

MXDS10000ME - 6500W Generator (Key & Hand Start)

MXDS12000ME - 8000W Generator (Key & Hand Start)

Power Tech Diesel Engine open type Generator

Power Tech provides diesel generator sets with outstanding Durability & Smooth Operation. They are built with carefully selected components to ensure durable and long life operation. Ranging over a span of fifteen models from 70 to 620 kVA and configurable various applications. We deliver reliable power to a wide spectrum from medium- to high load residential to business to heavy industry. Every individual unit of the generator is tested beforehand and manufactured with reliant resources from scratch.

All models within Power Tech diesel generators are fully designed and integrated power generation systems that provide optimum and reliable performance for stationary standby and prime applications. The PTD10000SME produces 6.5KVA and is compact in size for easy transportation. This power generating set (brush less) is fully designed and integrated power generation system that provides optimum and reliable performance.

The PTD12000SME delivers 8.0KVA whilst running extremely quietly,  and has a fuel capacity of 12.5 litres for running larger items

PTD14000E - 9500W Generator (Key & Hand Start)

Power Tech Diesel Engine Silent type Generator

PTD10000SME - 6500W Generator (Key & Hand Start)

PTD12000SME - 8000W Generator (Key & Hand Start)

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