About Us

MAX TECH GENERAL TRADING LLC established with the mission to provide cost effective and innovative portable generators range from 1.0 KW to 15 KW in petrol and diesel engines.

We also provide full range of construction machineries for the professional users certified by highest quality standards.

Our products are developed with the top notch quality with reliable service support. We always focus on constant improvement of products by continuous markets feedback and achieve the requirement of clients.

Max tech and power tech products are design and produced based on JAPAN technologies.

We are operating from United Arab Emirates throughout Middle east and Africa regions.                                      

our products are ISO, EPA ,CE ,OSA qualified and developed with advanced safety standards.

MAX TECH GENERAL TRADING LLC vision is to provide environment friendly products to all users which can help to reduce carbon footprint.

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As demands of power solutions skyrocketed in the Middle East and Africa, there were loose threads in the system of power solutions and product manufacturers which unsettled us as we believe in the supremacy of customer satisfaction and top-notch service.

We wanted this to shift and to drive in our values, so instead of bringing the change we thought to become the change by introducing Max Tech General Trading Company. We started by a handful of products but we always made sure that whatever we provide, it is the best from the lot. Our values and passion brought us to where we are today, with second-to-none, handpicked professionals who give in their best to do all necessary delivery, maintenance, and post-sale services for our customers, and products which are ISO, EPA, CE, and OSA qualified and developed with advanced safety standards. Behind this, there are years of hardwork and improvements made by continuous market feedback to make sure no mistake is repeated twice.

Apart from growth of this company and this sector, we also pay utmost heed to the urgency of environment protection and make sure we impose no harm onto it. We have a long tradition of doing business in a sustainable way. In each step, we make complete provisions to safeguard people, profit and the planet. We provide safe, reliable and energy efficient solutions to customers in a wide range of industries including manufacturing, construction, pharmaceutical, automotive and electronics.

We have a diverse customer domain and by analysing their needs, we continuously set new industry standards together. With changing times and domination of digitalization of every arena in the market, we also make use of the opportunities offered by digitalization to supply connected and automated solutions that help customers optimize their performance.

Some Factors which make Max Tech General Trading company different from the rest in the lot are :-

  • We work cooperatively in all tiers of a project i.e. Design, install, commission, manage & operate.
  • We provide solutions for the most extreme environments.
  • Our goal remains to come forward with cost-effective project planning & management.
  • We provide Complete turnkey solutions and services.
  • With Rapid response to emergency or planned power outages by high range generators and power solutions.
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